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New Payroll Deduction

Payroll Deduction helped Christmas tech wishes come true

There are a number of benefits to working at UW-Madison, but one UW employee recently experienced very special advantages of a new program from the DoIT Tech Store.

UW-Madison employee Micaela Broetzmann faced a dilemma last fall; her two daughters, Cami, 13, and Lacy, 16, had no computer at home and had asked for Mac laptops for Christmas. They increasingly had school assignments requiring use of a computer, such as research and writing papers.

Cami had started a keyboarding class that semester and needed to be able to use the class website in order to practice her typing. Lacy was at the age where she was beginning to look into college options, something necessitating many hours online perusing the schools that best fit her academic plans.

At ages 13 and 16, there were also many fun reasons for having a computer at home. Cami and Lacy wanted to be able to listen to their music, watch Netflix, hang out on Facebook and YouTube…all of the typical things that teen girls do.

It was with a heavy heart that Micaela told her two daughters that buying two Mac laptops was not affordable. They seemed to understand, but were disappointed all the same.

Not long after, Micaela received an email from the DoIT Tech Store announcing their new Payroll Deduction program. After looking into it, she realized it was going to let her fulfill her daughters’ Christmas wishes after all. Using parent privilege, she let them keep thinking there would be no computers under the tree on Christmas.

She stopped into the Computer Sciences DoIT Tech Store, where she met store supervisor Patti Havlicek, who helped her find computers that fit her daughters’ needs without breaking the bank: two 11 inch MacBook Air laptops.

“They were absolutely thrilled on Christmas morning!” says Broetzmann.

“Overall, it was definitely money well spent, that without the Payroll Deduction would never have happened. Patti was amazing in helping me find out what was going to work for the girls. She fully explained the Payroll Deduction option. The process was quick, simple and easy. There wasn’t a lot of paperwork, not a bunch of forms…just easy and out the door! The girls and I are very thankful that we had this opportunity!”


Cami and Lacy with their MacBook Air computers they received for Christmas.
Cami, 13 and Lacy, 16 with their new MacBook Air computers, which their mother Micaela was able to buy for Christmas with the new Payroll Deduction option. Photo courtesy of Micaela Broetzmann.