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Facebook Security

Protect yourself on Facebook (even if Facebook can’t)

In case you missed it, Facebook recently experienced yet another security breach where the private data of nearly 50 million accounts was compromised. Here’s an opportunity to own your security on Facebook and not rely on them completely to manage this task.

Security features to know

First, familiarize yourself with some security features on your Facebook settings page:

  • Security and login tab
  • Where You’re Logged In
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Setting Up Extra Security

Update your security settings

We’ve created a video tutorial that shows how to update on Facebook the features we just mentioned. When you’ve completed your update on Facebook, you can manage the privacy settings of your other favorite devices and online services.

You also can review our how-to on four ways to better protect your privacy on social media apps. Finally, if you’d like to get verification on whether your Facebook account was hacked in this latest breach, enter your email address associated with your Facebook account at site, have i been pwned?, to see if your account was compromised.


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