DUO Multi-Factor Authentication

Student rollout of multi-factor authentication begins Monday Sept 9

Beginning Sept 9, UW–Madison students (including student employees) will have the opportunity to enroll in multi-factor authentication (MFA-Duo). All students will be required to enroll by October 31. 

To address the educational impacts of students using MFA-Duo in the classroom, the UW–Madison multi-factor authentication team met with over 15 advisory, faculty, and staff governance groups from April through July. They listened to concerns and incorporated suggestions to address issues such as authenticating in testing situations and use of smart devices in the classroom. The MFA-Duo KnowledgeBase offers solutions to educational impacts of students using MFA-Duo in the classrooms.

Please encourage your students to enroll in MFA-Duo beginning Sept 9. Instructional staff and faculty can add this blurb (and something specific to their classroom technology policies, if needed) to their syllabus to help promote early enrollment for students:

Prove it’s you!

UW–Madison students must enroll in multi-factor authentication from Duo (MFA-Duo) beginning Sept 9 at https://mfa.wisc.edu in order to access UW–Madison online data (e.g. Canvas, MyUW, etc.). This additional security step uses something you know (your NetID and password) with something you have (your smartphone or token/fob) to “prove it’s you!” All students are required to enroll in MFA-Duo by Oct. 31. Find more info at Prove it’s You! Multi-factor Authentication for Students.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know using our Feedback Form.