University of Wisconsin–Madison
Five Dollar Bill

What can your student ID get you for $5 or less?

Being a student has its perks. See what tech you can take advantage of on a budget:

Spotify Premium with Hulu

Enjoy both services for only $4.99/month with your student ID. Spotify Premium lets you listen to any song, online or offline and is ad-free. With Hulu, you’ll get limited commercials, access to full seasons of exclusive series, hit movies, and Hulu Originals.

Spectrum U

You don’t even need your student ID to use this free TV and movie streaming service. Whenever you’re on campus WiFi, you can use this app to watch shows and movies on your phone or tablet. Just download the app in the App Store for iOS or in Google Play for Android.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Available through the DoIT Tech Store, you have access to the whole Adobe Creative Cloud for only $5/month. The usual student price is $20/month, but as a student, you get it all for $60 with a 12-month subscription. You can purchase an annual subscription here.

Campus Software Library

UW-Madison provides no-charge software through the Campus Software Library, including products for productivity, research, security, and utility.

Amazon Prime Student

Get access to free two-day shipping and unlimited movies, TV shows, reading, and photo storage. Your first six months are free! After your trial period, Amazon Prime student is $49.99/year, which equals $4.17/month. Plus you’ll get the perks of unlimited music streaming, on or offline. Finally, you’ll have access to unlimited music streaming, which is not available during the trial period.


You can stream music on Pandora for free with the basic plan. If you’re looking for something with unlimited personalized stations, offline listening, unlimited skips and replays, higher quality audio, and no ads, you’ll want to check out Pandora Plus. You can get all of this for $4.99/month with the opportunity to start with a 60-day free trial.

Apple Music

Streaming anything, like songs, artists, and albums without the distraction of ads. With Apple Music, you can download songs to your own library and listen offline. You get your first three months free with no commitment to continue after your trial period expires. Standard month pricing for students is $4.99/month which is 50 percent off the original plan.

Office 365

DoIT offers students and faculty/staff Office 365 for free. You can use online applications such as OneDrive, the Office Suite, Outlook and other productivity tools. Follow the directions here to see how to download and install Microsoft Office to your computer for free. You’ll be able to use many programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote.

The New York Times

Get unlimited digital access to and all New York Times apps. You’ll have access to the Times archives from 1851. A monthly basic subscription only costs $3.99/month.

The Washington Post

For $1 for your first month and $5/month after, you can have unlimited digital access to and and all Washington Post apps on any device. You also have digital access to The Washington Post through Amazon Prime. If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, your first month is free and $3.99/month for all months after.