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Tech Tuesday Workshop: Learn Apple’s programming language

Getting started with Xcode and Swift (Hands-on): an introduction to the Apple development environment

App development, specifically mobile development is becoming more prevalent and having exposure to programming languages is a helpful skill in the evolving job market.

Steve Hayman, National Consulting Engineer with Apple’s Education team will lead this workshop.

Apple’s Swift programming language is used for software development on iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, and macOS computers. With Xcode 8, the process of getting access to Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE) is free and easy. With the release of Swift 3.0, Apple now has a comprehensive collection of learning resources to help you with the tools, techniques, and concepts needed to build iOS apps.

We invite you to attend this hands-on session to learn the basics of Xcode and participate in a discussion of what it looks like to program in Swift, the tools of the trade, and why you should consider adding this language to your résumé.

Important. Please bring:

  • A Mac loaded with the latest OS and the latest version of Xcode 8
  • An AppleID and an iOS 10.x running device (iPhone or iPads) and cable, since you will be writing code and loading it on your device.

Session prerequisites

  • Xcode 8 – Download, install and launch it. Let it do all the updates
  • MacOS version 10.12 or later installed
  • An iOS Device running iOS 10 and a cable
  • A working AppleID

Getting started with Xcode and Swift (Hands-on): an introduction to the Apple development environment

Tuesday, April 11

1:30–4:30 pm

Room B109, Computer Sciences

1210 W Dayton St, Madison, WI 53706

Register here; seats are limited. 

About Steve Hayman:

Steve Hayman is a National Consulting Engineer with Apple’s Education Team based in Toronto, specializing in Apple’s developer tools for the iOS and macOS.  He was very lucky to work for Steve Jobs for 20 years at both Apple and NeXT, which instilled in him a love of powerful object-oriented development tools and a great Unix core, and he sometimes finds it hard to believe that this all fits in his pocket now.  Before that he was Network Manager at Indiana University; before that he picked up an M.Math at Waterloo, and before that he had a summer job painting construction equipment. In his spare time he directs Argonotes, the Toronto Argonauts Band, the finest pep band in the Canadian Football League.