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DoIT Tech Store Closing

Update: DoIT Tech Store closing; changes to Help Desk, repair services

Over the next few months, DoIT will be implementing some significant changes including closing the DoIT Tech Store and shifting how we provide Help Desk and repair services.

In early 2019, DoIT Tech Store operations were assessed by a cross campus Advisory Team and Work Group composed of DoIT staff and campus partners. The teams were tasked with exploring how we can best serve the campus community while being as effective with our resources as possible.

The teams found that our current business model is not sustainable given the competitive technology retail environment, and the University would be best served through a reconfiguration of our services.

The following changes will be implemented over the next few months. We will share additional details about these service changes in future communications.

1. Closure of the DoIT Tech Store. The DoIT Tech Store is closing its 1210 West Dayton Street location. Its last day of business is Friday, June 28, 2019. Two of the three Tech Store locations—East Campus Mall and Health Sciences Learning Center (HSLC)—which were closed temporarily while the teams completed their review are now permanently closed. Most personal and departmental sales of hardware and accessories will be discontinued.

Students, Faculty, and Staff can purchase personal computers through our Dell and Apple campus partner websites:

Departments should use Shop@UW for Dell computer purchases. Purchasing Services is working on plans to make Apple computers available through Shop@UW as well. The DoIT Tech Store will no longer be processing Apple orders. You can now order through Shop@UW. Learn more about the change.

2. Changes to the DoIT Help Desk. We will continue to provide in-person and remote Help Desk services. However, the DoIT Help Desk will no longer provide general support for faculty, staff, emeriti, and retiree personally owned hardware and software. We will continue to specifically support UW–‍Madison licensed IT applications and services on these devices. For example, we will support installing multi-factor authentication (Duo) on a personally owned phone. However, installing applications not licensed by UW–‍Madison, such as WhatsApp, or updating the operating system to the latest version will not be supported. This change will take effect on Monday, July 1, 2019.

Help Desk support for students will continue unchanged.

3. DoIT Repair service model changes. Current plans call for the service to continue, but machines will be repaired offsite. The precise timing for this change is being determined, but is targeted for no later than the end of 2019.

4. DoIT Equipment Checkout and Rentals. We are working on transition strategies for these services.

5. Software Licensing. Software available for personal purchase will be limited and aligned with university academic, research, and administrative needs. We will continue to provide enterprise software licensing services, and we plan to enhance the Campus Software Library and continue offering university-licensed software for download.

6. Student Support and SOAR.  Engaging with and supporting students is one of the most rewarding aspects of working at UW-Madison. DoIT will continue to provide technology support and guidance for students through the DoIT Help Desk, and via the SOAR program as students plan their arrival on campus. Although we may no longer be directly offering computers for purchase, we will continue to partner with campus schools and colleges to recommend hardware needed by students in those programs, make students and parents aware of the technology resources available, and ensure that students have the technology tools they need to start their academic journey at UW-Madison.

We are grateful for the business, support, relationships and collaboration that have enabled the DoIT Tech Store to be a unique campus resource for more than three decades. We look forward to serving campus in new ways.

Find answers to common questions about this transition here.

Please contact with any questions you may have. We appreciate your support as we make these transitions and will continue to share information with campus as we move forward.