University of Wisconsin–Madison
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Top 10 free technology tools on campus

Wondering what technology UW-Madison can offer you for free? Start off the semester right by checking out this list, in no particular order, of tech that will make your life easier and smarter. Gifs included.

Computer labs: Need to use software you don’t have, or a computer to work on? These are the places to go channel your inner productive self. Mac, PC, print, scan, loads of software–it’s all there.

Office 365: What do setting reminders for your semester schedule, emailing your professor and taking notes during class with OneNote all have in common? They’re all in one place.

Box: Unlimited, free cloud storage for things like class projects or pictures of your cat. Maybe even selfies with your cat?

Software Training for Students’ Ask A Trainer: One-on-one help with someone who knows how to work magic when it comes to software use. They’re way more receptive than this punching bag.

G Suite: Share notes, organize a group discussion or video chat with friends from a different school. Make collaborating easier with G Suite.

Antivirus: Sorry, we’re not talking about an antivirus for the flu season. This antivirus will help protect your computer from viruses and hackers who want to steal your info. Pro tip: They’re not as nice and cute as this thief.

VPN: Tying your shoes so you don’t trip is like using VPN so you stay safe surfing the internet. It’s super easy to use and adds an extra layer of defense. Countless possibilities for free learning at anytime, at any level. Twelve categories to choose from including business, IT, music and animation.

Design Lab: Get your creative juices flowing. The Design Lab can help you create videos, presentations, resumes and logos. Bring your projects to the next level by creating a design worth 12/10.

Campus Software Library: Free or low cost software like Photoshop, Lightroom, Windows 10, Matlab, Autodesk and more at the click of a button. Download from your living room, your bed, or your Wi-Fi enabled treehouse.