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UW Endpoint Management and Security Software License Review Coming

The following message is intended for UW department license holders of endpoint management and security tools. Please alert the licensing contact in your unit.
An Endpoint Management & Security request for proposal (RFP) process is currently underway.  The evaluation team expects to select solutions in April 2019 and begin implementing them shortly thereafter.  While the new endpoint management and security environment will be in place during CY 2019, it’s likely that implementation across campus will extend into 2020.
If your unit is participating in DoIT-held licenses for Symantec Endpoint Protection, Cisco AMP, Palo Alto TRAPS, and/or IBM BigFix, the Endpoint Management & Security project will ensure renewal of those licenses through mid-2020. This will allow your unit time to transition to services that support the tools selected via the RFP process.
Also, if your unit holds an individual license for Symantec, AMP, TRAPS, BigFix or other endpoint management and security tool that will expire by June 2019, you should renew that license for one year, through June 2020.  License renewals needed after June 2019 (extensions to July 2020 and beyond) may not be necessary, or may be negotiable for a shorter term.  Campus Purchasing Services will be available to help manage shorter-term renewal negotiations after June 2019.
If you have questions, please contact Tamra Dagnon.
Members of the UW Endpoint Management and Security Core Team include Bob Turner, Bobby Burrow, Tamara Walker, Nicholas Tincher, Anne Gunther