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UW–Madison Zoom training videos: Get the most from your meeting

Get the most out of your classes, groups & discussions held via Zoom, with tips, tricks, and techniques from these sessions presented in partnership with UW Extension and their Educational Technology Support team:

What Happens Before Your Meeting

It’s the nuts and bolts behind the bells and whistles. In this training session, Megan Wecker and Christine Rybak cover the administrative work that happens before a Zoom Meeting starts, including scheduling, creating polls, email invitations, registration, and more.

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What Happens In Your Meeting

Let’s be honest—if you’re not careful, one hour of video conferencing can feel like two (or three). In this recorded training session, Megan and Christine cover how to smoothly run a Zoom meeting, including breakout rooms, polling, annotation & screen sharing.

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Still need some help?

  • The Extension training team put together a series of helpful “cheat sheets” for their trainees.
  • Zoom 101: Tips & Tricks – We consolidated common Zoom questions into this guide linking you to helpful resources.
  • UW-Madison Zoom KB – For a deeper dive, DoIT is documenting all of our Zoom processes in the Knowledgebase.
  • Zoom Support Center – Zoom has a robust resource library, including many instructional videos to help you problem solve and grow your skills.

For the latest information, follow along with the Zoom Implementation Project page where we post news items and resources as they develop.