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Webex rolls out new features Oct 22

Beginning October 22, Webex will once again update their software. These continuous enhancements make Webex one of the most popular web conferencing tools available.

With all the new feature updates you may want to register for Webex training sessions via the OHRD Catalog and download the UW–Madison Cisco Webex Flyer for quick tips to get the most out of your Webex Meetings experience. Here’s a rundown of the important feature updates:

Introducing the Dark Theme 

  • Choose whether you want to view the meeting window in the standard Light Theme or the new Dark Theme, available from the View menu. 

New Advanced Video Settings 

Now available below the Camera tab of the desktop app for Windows and Mac. We’ve added three new advanced settings to the desktop app.

  • Hardware acceleration for video (Windows only) – This setting reduces the load on the main system processor when possible by off-loading video processing to dedicated hardware when available.
  • Automatic adjustment of camera brightness (Windows and Mac) – This setting is used to enable or disable automatic camera brightness adjustments. This option improves the visibility of content captured by the camera.
  • Video capture (Windows only) – This setting allows for the selection of the Microsoft Framework to be used for camera capture. By default, Auto selects the fastest framework available, but it can be overridden to address any compatibility issues with the system camera. 

Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves 

  • In meetings, by default, when you mute another participant directly through Mute all or Mute on Entry, those participants can manually unmute themselves. While this is great for smaller, more conversational meetings, larger meetings and classrooms may require more moderation for when attendees are allowed to unmute.
  • Hosts and cohosts can now choose whether or not participants are allowed to unmute themselves. When this setting is unchecked, participants’ Unmute buttons will be disabled. 

Hide the Control Bar

  • When not in presenter mode, you can now hide the bottom control bar in Meetings and Events by mousing over the control bar to reveal the “Hide control bar” button, or by going to the View menu at the top, and unchecking the “Show Meeting Controls” option. You can also use CTRL+SHIFT+Q to hide/show the controls.  

Mute All with Mute on Entry

  • When you click Mute all, it will also turn on Mute on Entry by default, to make sure that anyone joining the meeting late will also be muted from that point forward. Similarly, when you click Unmute all, it will automatically turn off Mute on Entry. This makes for a much more intuitive experience when managing mute in your meetings. You can still choose to turn on or off Mute on Entry independently. 

Unmute and Audio Privacy 

  • Now, when a host or cohost unmutes a participant, that participant will be given a prompt to unmute, instead of being unmuted directly. This helps to prevent meeting distractions or catching others by surprise if they weren’t expecting to be unmuted. 

Video Thumbnail Improvements

  • For users who don’t have video turned on and who don’t have a profile picture, we’ll now display their name in the video window (instead of their initials), for a more intuitive experience. 

Additional Mute Controls in Meetings Scheduler

  • Modern View users will now be able to preset their mute settings from the meeting scheduler.