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Why you need Antivirus on your Linux system

Some Linux users will tell you that you don’t need to run antivirus on Linux. They usually cite one or more of the following reasons:

  1. Linux users normally use accounts with limited permissions, rather than an administrator account.
  2. Linux users normally get software from known safe repositories and package managers.
  3. Linux isn’t often the target of writers of Malware.

All of these statements are true, and that means that attacks on Linux are less frequent and more likely to fail than attacks on Windows.  However, nothing stays the same forever. Since 2008, Linux malware has been on the rise resulting in greater variety of Linux malware threats. In 2019 alone, the following Linux malware made the news:

Prior Linux malware threats include:

Even if your Linux workstation is safe from infection by a particular virus, without Antivirus, you might still unknowingly download an infected file, like a PDF, and share it with a PC user whose computer becomes infected.

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