University of Wisconsin–Madison
DUO Multi-Factor Authentication

How the new NetID login security helps

Attend the free MFA panel event on October 18, Computer Sciences Building

A second verification step—also known as multi-factor authentication—to access your online accounts is becoming more commonplace. Big tech like Google, Facebook and Amazon are providing these security options to help keep your digital identity safe, as are institutions in finance and health care. UW–Madison is no exception to adopting this practice to help safeguard your digital identity.

What is multi-factor authentication or MFA? It adds an additional step to your NetID login process. You already take the first step when you enter your NetID and password. The additional step uses a smartphone or token (also called a fob) to verify your identify. It takes no more than a few seconds to complete this action.

While this extra step in accessing your online accounts may seem like a hassle, it’s absolutely necessary. It prevents breaches where your identity and intellectual property can potentially be stolen. If someone were to steal your username (or NetID) and password for an account, the hacker would not get access to your private information because MFA provides that extra layer of protection.

Learn more details on UW–Madison’s implementation of MFA, provided by Duo Security, on October 18 at our free panel event. Hear from our experts who can address your questions about MFA—plus why it’s important for you as an individual and its value to the university. In the meantime, learn more about the MFA campus implementation project.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) panel discussion
October 18, Noon — 1:30 p.m.
Computer Sciences Building, Room 3139 ABC

Learn how this additional step in the UW–Madison NetID authentication process can help protect you, your intellectual property, and the campus’ digital assets. The panel will discuss how the process protects you, the campus rollout plan, and what to expect during implementation. Panelists are:  

  • Steve Van Der Weide, Wisconsin School of Business
  • Lisa Bender, Identity and Access Management, DoIT
  • Stefan Wahe, Office of Cybersecurity
  • Angie Rieves, Office of the Registrar
  • Mary Evansen, DoIT (facilitator)

Q&A session with attendees will follow the panel discussion. Please contact Mickey Nash in the Office of Cybersecurity with questions on the panel event.