University of Wisconsin–Madison
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WiscVPN: a good start to safer networking

It seems as if each week brings news of some new breach of data security. While no single tool alone can completely protect you and your data from such breaches, WiscVPN is a good start. More than that, if you’re using a public wireless network it is absolutely vital.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and enables you to send and receive data across public networks securely. A variety of campus network resources can only be accessed by campus-based computers, or via the campus LAN, i.e. via a physical Ethernet connection rather than campus WiFi.  WiscVPN allows you to access such resources, regardless of what network you are connecting from.

For example, you’ll need WiscVPN to print from off-campus, to an on-campus printer that’s behind a firewall. Other examples include accessing the mainframe, or any of the following that require VPN or a campus LAN connection:

  • Applications
  • Shared network drives
  • Webservers

WiscVPN not only allows you to secure access to restricted campus resources from any network, it also encrypts data while it is in transit. This is particularly important when you’re sending sensitive information, such as research or financial data.

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