University of Wisconsin–Madison
Help Wanted Sign on Computer Keyboard

UW Cybersecurity is hiring to boost campus service

Imagine how much safer you and your data could be if the campus added 13 more cybersecurity professionals to its force. That’s the immediate plan of the UW Office of Cybersecurity. Applications are being accepted for both seasoned and new recruits to:

  1. Increase protections for campus data stored in the cloud (think added protection for Office 365, Google, Box and others).
  2. Boost support for and cooperation with other UW System campuses to better identify and fend off hackers.
  3. Teach you how to more easily be safe online.
  4. Monitor and improve the new multi-factor authentication “keys” we use to grant access.
  5. Protect your UW data while enabling access only to those with your permission to do so (think research collaborators).
  6. Ensure any device connected to the UW network is shielded from prying eyes.  
  7. Monitor every UW device and bit of data to immediately alert and isolate if something seems amiss.
  8. Improve the ways we manage risk, so the greater the sensitivity of data or devices, the greater the protections.

See current open positionswith links to full descriptions and how to apply