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Backup (Bare Machine Recovery)

Cristie Bare Machine Recovery (BMR) provides Bucky Backup Lite and Enterprise customers with a way to automatically or semi-automatically recover an entire machine including the operating system, configuration and applications.


  • Improves recovery times
  • Ensures reliability of the recovery process
  • Can be used to create machine clones for testing or migration
  • No additional cost to current Bucky Backup customers
  • Available for AIX, Linux, Windows and Solaris (no Macintosh support)
  • Minimal additional backup is required (most systems under 1GB)
  • Recoveries can usually be completed quickly (depending on the amount of data)
  • The recovered machine is an identical copy of the original. The restored state of the machine will be as if it was unplugged after the last backup.
  • Recoveries can be to the original or to dissimilar hardware or to a virtual machine
  • Simple recovery process requires minimal technical expertise


  • Must be a current Bucky Backup Enterprise or Lite customer
  • NetID required for download

Getting started

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No additional cost to current Bucky Backup Lite and Enterprise customers.

Available to

  • Faculty
  • Staff

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