University of Wisconsin–Madison

Digital Academic Television Network

The Digital Academic Television Network (DATN) allows you to watch TV in a window on your computer or mobile device.


  • DATN allows you to watch TV in a window on your computer.


  • Java
  • Ethernet connection on the campus network only
  • Quicktime

Getting started

Launch the DATN player to begin. You may be prompted to update Java*, and your computer settings will need to allow video players to run.

Mobile DATN enables you to watch TV programs on your computer, with either a wired or wireless network connection, and on mobile devices.

Mobile DATN is a research project of the Wings Lab of the Computer Science Department.

See the DATN Knowledge Base documents for more help.

*Google Chrome no longer supports the Java plugin that is used with the DATN player. Because Mozilla Firefox blocks Java by default, to launch DATN with Firefox, you will need to enable Java.


  • To use DATN on a television set, you will need an S-Video port on your laptop or desktop computer and an S-Video cable.
  • To use DATN on a television set that does not support S-Video, you will need an S-Video to RCA (composite) cable.



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