University of Wisconsin–Madison

InfoAccess Data Warehouse

The InfoAccess Data Warehouse contains data from source systems like Student Information System (SIS), Budget System, Shared Financial System (SFS), and Human Resource System (HRS).  The data is extracted from the source systems, transformed, and loaded to into the data warehouse for UW-Madison reporting purposes.  This data warehouse is the source for much of the data used for Institutional Reporting at UW Madison. 

The InfoAccess team has developed a number of data views in the different functional areas that will simplify your ability to access that information for reporting.  Each data view is refreshed on a set schedule (i.e. each night, week, month, semester, year).   and will be noted in the data view documentation under the ‘Load Frequency’ section.

Before requesting access to the InfoAccess Data Warehouse please check if there is a Tableau visualization or Institutional Data Exporter that will meet your needs.  You may also want to consult with the data steward to discuss possible options. 

Getting started

For those individuals that do need to write their own queries, InfoAccess credentials are necessary and individual data views will need to be requested.  All access to the data views requires approval by supervisor, Dean/Director (or designee), and Data Custodian prior to being granted.  This access will also require software that allows you to write the query and typically requires installation of an Oracle client.

Review Data View documentation and decide exactly what views you wish to have access to.  Be sure reading the Overview, Special Considerations and Load Frequency to determine if the view will meet the needs.  If there are questions on the data view please contact the data custodian listed in the documentation.  Once the data views you need are determined you can fill out a request for access.

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