Faculty engagement

In line with UW-Madison’s teaching and learning mission and national trends, the Center for Teaching, Learning and Mentoring offers several evolving programs designed to foster the use of research-supported, technology-enhanced teaching approaches. Each program has a different format and criteria for entry to meet the needs of faculty and instructional support staff regardless of experience level.


  • As a teaching-and-learning-centered service, we honor and feature the voices and values of good instructors
  • We can help instructors apply efficient teaching practices and good learning principles to courses so courses can be scaled effectively with technology
  • Our program content is evidence-based, and can often be tailored to meet your needs


Information about the newly formed Center for Teaching, Learning and Mentoring will be announced in August 2021. The Center will provide multiple programs to help instructors improve teaching. Some of the previous programs provided across campus have included:

  • Active Teaching Labs: Low-commitment one-hour sessions that feature instructors sharing their experiences using tools to teach in addition to guided, hands-on experience with tools for participants
  • Blend@UW: A program that supports the Educational Innovation Initiative by helping faculty and staff redesign courses to be more active and engaging by using blended-learning approaches
  • Fellowships: Fellowships develop campus leadership around topics related to innovative approaches to teaching and learning with technology
  • Blended Learning Toolkit: The website provides tutorials, resources, and examples about blended learning and how to apply it to your course

Available to

  • Faculty
  • Instructors
  • Staff

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