ShareURL is an enhancement for Office 365 that creates unique URL(s) that allow you or someone else to view your calendar data. This URL can be viewed in a web browser, on a mobile device, or in a desktop calendar application (e.g., Apple Calendar or Microsoft Outlook). Many more advanced uses are also possible. For example, you could use ShareURL to embed a calendar in your website.

Available To

Students, Staff, Faculty


  • Easily share your calendar with someone who is using a different calendar system
  • Create different ShareURLs for different purposes
  • Display calendar data using a web browser, mobile device, or desktop client
  • Works with Office 36
  • Filter what content you share based on a variety of attributes
  • Customizable data range
  • Multiple output formats (HTML, iCalendar, RSS, JSON, etc.)

Getting Started

Terms of use

Public ShareURL Eligibility

Office 365 Terms of Service


  • Public ShareURL: A Public ShareURL is a single URL for each of your email addresses that can be used by anyone to view your calendar information. For example, Bucky Badger's is
  • Traditional ShareURL: Every Traditional ShareURL ends in a random character string, such as You can have as many as you want.