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Software and load testing

Software and load testing (SALT) before deployment can provide you with greater confidence for a successful “go-live.” Software testing can remove defects, increase system reliability, and reduce your application costs. Load testing lets you measure your website’s performance and stability under a particular workload.

The service is available to UW-Madison, UW System, UW Colleges.


  • Save money by fixing problems in test, rather than production
  • SALT uses proven testing methodologies and automated testing tools
  • Consultants can aid in functional, regression and load testing of web-based applications.
  • Access to testing software (Oracle application test suite)
  • Web application security and accessibility testing (UW-Madison only)

Getting started

To request online access to the service and accompanying tools, please visit the SALT registration application.

Consider using these resources as part of your application testing cycle:

1. Security Testing

2. Accessibility Testing (UW-Madison Only)

3. Data Sanitization

  • Protects sensitive data in the development and test environments in compliance with data privacy regulations

Terms of use


Use of the Oracle Application Test Suite (OATS) software is currently free, however there is a charge for consultation and/or training.

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