University of Wisconsin–Madison

User experience strategy & design

Thousands of students, faculty and staff interact with University services every day. Students plan their schedule and enroll in classes. Advisors support and connect students to resources. Staff make decisions based on pay and benefit information. Too often, outdated tools and complex systems make these interactions cumbersome and frustrating.

We partner with teams and units on campus to improve the user experience, usability and content of our campus’s most important digital services.  We can help you determine who your users are, what they need, and how best to design a website or application to help them accomplish their tasks.


  • Help you understand your users and their needs
  • Address the whole experience from start to finish
  • Make things simple and intuitive
  • Use data to drive decisions
  • Integrate usability and accessibility into your project/process to enable sustained, iterative improvement

Getting started

To work with us on your next project, contact us for a consultation.


  • Digital strategy, ideation, and facilitation
  • Research including interviews, observation, card sorts, surveys
  • Usability and accessibility assessments and recommendations
  • Content strategy consultation
  • Design of workflow, wireframes, services
  • Accessibility and usability consultation for procurements and prototyping


Initial consultation is free. Thereafter, projects are billed at an hourly rate. Time and cost estimates are provided for each project prior to starting work.

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