University of Wisconsin–Madison

Web accessibility testing and remediation

The UW-Madison is committed to make its websites comply with Section 508 and WCAG 2.0. We work to improve your website’s digital accessibility for those users with visual, auditory, motor and cognitive needs. Our staff can simply run our tests and provide you with a detailed report of accessibility issues and recommended ways to resolve them; or our developers can make the needed updates to your site to improve web accessibility.

How we test for accessibility

Our team of consultants and developers tests your site using the Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) by SSB Bart. We then run a series of screenreader tests through the site for accessible usability. We test color contrast compliance using tools from WebAIM which helps to ensure compliance with WCAG 2.0 at various font sizes.


  • Better access for those who rely on UW-Madison web sites
  • Peace of mind regarding unit web site accessibility
  • Effective, affordable web development

Getting started

Contact DoIT Communications for a consultation.


  • WordPress
  • WiscWeb CMS (Open Text)
  • Custom development


Initial consultation is free. Projects are billed at an hourly rate. Time and cost quotes are provided for each project prior to starting work.

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