University of Wisconsin–Madison

Web accessibility testing tools

These tools will help you test your online content to make sure they meet accessibility standards.

The Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) suite of tools from SSB Bart provides easy to use compliance testing and reporting for Section 508 and the newer WCAG 2.0 A & AA web accessibility standards. This software provides powerful features to improve web accessibility for those with visual, auditory, motor and cognitive disabilities.

Additional tools are available to help improve web accessibility.


  • Allows you to check web pages for accessibility compliance
  • Check pages one at a time, or an entire site at once
  • Reports can be shared out with any member of campus and can be aggregated at the division level

Getting started

1. Create your account by logging in the first time

2. Decide on scope of compliance testing


Free.  There is no cost to use the Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) through UW-Madison’s site license.

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