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Payroll Deduction. Bucky Badger with MacBook Air

DoIT Tech Store program opens doors for employee’s family

A service offered by the DoIT Tech Store contributed to new opportunities for one UW-Madison employee’s family.

When employee Kyle Henderson heard about the DoIT Tech Store’s Payroll Deduction option in the fall of 2016, he realized he could use the program to help out his musically inclined stepson, Ian. Payroll Deduction is an option for most UW-Madison staff, allowing them to buy technology through paycheck deductions.

An electronic dance music artist, Ian’s craft requires a high-powered computer with large amounts of processing power, RAM and hard drive space for producing music and sampling audio files. It also needs to be mobile for taking to his gigs.

Working with DoIT Tech Store staff, Kyle and Ian reviewed the options. After explaining the unique needs and usage for the computer, Ian landed on a MacBook Pro 15.

According to Kyle, Payroll Deduction not only made purchasing this computer possible but also contributed to continued success for Ian’s career. He recently won a Madison Area Music Award, and with his MacBook Pro in hand, frequently performs throughout the area.

Given that positive experience, Kyle recently used Payroll Deduction again. His wife, Kelly, enrolled in a training program at Madison College, and it quickly became evident that their 10+ year old laptop was inadequate for completing coursework. It was operating so slowly that everyday tasks such as updating its operating system or opening a word processor caused it to freeze up. It was time to upgrade.

They reviewed Dell and Apple devices with DoIT Tech Store staff. Listening to how the computer was going to be used, they walked through the specifications for the models that were the best match. Based on Kelly’s needs in the program, they selected a Dell XPS 13.

“Both laptops have fulfilled their purpose wonderfully and it’s been very nice to be able to use Payroll Deduction, which made it much more affordable and incredibly convenient,” Kyle says.

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