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The service pages are the most frequently viewed content on Tell us about your service so we can list at
  • Please provide a description below. Include any proprietary or vendor names here that would help users and technologists find the service. Example: “The Online Training service provides access to LinkedIn Learning—a full library of self-study software tutorials available anytime, anywhere.”
  • If any of the following sections don't all apply to your service, just leave them blank. The only required sections are "Call to action" and "Service provider."
  • Please provide a list of benefits below. These will be rendered as a bulleted list, so please keep them brief and skimmable.
  • Please include any technical requirements. Examples may include required logins, required admin access, specific operating systems, special requirements for users, items the user needs to supply.
  • Please enter a street address, and share the link of your location from the campus map. ( Link will display as the name you provide.
  • Please provide brief, step-by-step instructions describing how to get started using the service. Link to help documentation as needed for additional detail.
  • These will be rendered as a bulleted list, so please keep them brief and skimmable.
  • Include the name and link to the terms and conditions, acceptable use information, or any other applicable policies.
  • Web metrics show that the call to action link is the most frequently clicked section of service pages. This can be an email link to request service, a link to a form or a knowledgebase page, or another relevant page where a user can take action. Please include at least one call to action link and link text.
  • This information tells the user who to ask for support. The service provider may already be listed on another service page. If so, please tell us to use the service provider information there and provide a link. If not, please enter the service provider below and include the name of the unit providing support for the service, the relevant address, phone number and email address. Please also include any special instructions. Note: if the Help Desk is the first line support contact for your service, please indicate that.
  • This is a flexible section providing you with a place to provide relevant links for your service, such as links to KB articles, videos, vendor web pages, etc.
  • Got something to say about your service that doesn't fit the above sections? Please enter it here.
  • If the fields above don't suffice to describe your service, or if your updated content exceeded the length of the form's fields limits, please upload a document containing additional details. Upload multiple files if needed. (8 Mb maximum)
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