University of Wisconsin–Madison

Data Stewardship Policy Review


A campus unit has been asked to develop a data policy of some kind. The Policy on Data Stewardship, Access, and Retention has been referenced in those discussions. It was last amended in May 2013. Because of the time since last amendment (and possibly review), and the rapid pace of change in the research data landscape, it seems like an appropriate time for RTAG to initiate a review of this policy and then make recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education (VCRGE).


This working group is charged with the following:

  • provide a recommendation about how to improve definitions, roles, and responsibilities within the policy document,
  • provide a recommendation around the scope of “data” (is it safe to assume both physical artifacts and electronic data are in scope?),
  • provide a recommendation around the inclusion of privacy in this policy or inclusion of how this policy should relate to privacy policy/policies,
  • provide a recommendation as to who is financially responsible for ensuring actions needed to satisfy the policy can be carried out,
  • provide a recommendation on a more specific timeline (what are federal agencies requiring? Is seven years, as currently written, an adequate timeframe?)
  • provide a recommendation around whose responsibility it is to satisfy the policy – is data being stored by PIs, or are PIs selecting a custodian (possibly the university) to store their data?

This working group should feel free to expand the scope and raise other topics that come from discussion; the charge above is only to generate discussion.

 Members and Structure

Nicholas Tincher                     Chief Information Officer, OVCRGE

Nadine Connor                        Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Policy & Compliance, OVCRGE

Lee Konrad                              Associate Director of Libraries for Technology and Data Strategy

Jason Fishbain                         Chief Data Officer

Jennifer Rodis                         Policy Analyst, RSP

Ben Griffiths                            Senior Legal Council, Legal Services

Jan Cheetham                         Research Cyberinfrastructure Liaison, CIO Office

This working group will report to the RTAG Executive Committee.


Activities ending and report provided to RTAG Executive Committee by November 1, 2017.

 Supporting Information

Policy on Data Stewardship, Access, and Retention

Policy on Tangible Research Property

Research Technology Advisory Group (charter, members, agendas, minutes)