University of Wisconsin–Madison

IT Spend Version 2

Last year a campus team created a first-ever report summarizing the spend of information technology (IT) in the context of the IT operation at UW-Madison. It is necessary to understand how IT is structured on the UW-Madison campus and to be transparent in what it costs to plan, implement, and maintain IT in order to best decide on future investment decisions. At UW- Madison, IT is not a structure unto itself; rather, it is deeply integrated and intertwined with the missions of the university, thus this assessment serves as an introduction that provides high-level information gathered by best effort analysis with a process that, with some modification, enables us to repeat it in 2017.

The initial results of this report provide leadership with visibility into areas that could increase efficiency in the near term. IT leadership, in conjunction with campus stakeholders, will develop plans to achieve near term benefits. This report also provides a number of insights as to how leadership can create longer term, sustainable improvements in our service delivery and investment choices.

The goals of the effort are to:

  1. Create a framework to gather data around the cost of IT
  2. Create reports to see data around the costs of and to convey a story about investment in IT
  3. Develop a process to maintain data around the cost of IT going forward