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Tips for using Box File Request—and staying secure

Looking to streamline the way you request and gather documents and other content from the people you work with?        

Box File Request gives you a fast and secure way to request files and associated metadata from anyone. Using an easy, drag-and-drop graphic interface, you can create a web form that enables you to:

  • Securely request files from anyone, no matter whether they have a Box account, without adding collaborators on a folder. 
  • Solicit additional information with metadata form fields, which you can set as required/optional.
  • Enable extra security and tracking with link settings.

While only folder Owners and Co-owners can build a form and send a link to request files using the UW–Madison Box service, anyone can access the form via the link and upload the requested content. Here is how to keep your content secure when using this tool:

  • Consider designating a folder as a temporary upload location, rather than permanent storage when requesting content. This is especially important if your file request link is published publicly.
  • Verify link security settings before sending out your form. Link security can be modified from the Settings link on the mail File Request pop-up. Here you can set an expiration date for your link or restrict link access to uploaders with a Box account, if you choose.
  • Consider configuring your folder settings so that you receive a notification when someone uploads content
  • You must use SecureBox if you intend to request restricted data, including ePHI data, using Box File Request. 
  • Keep your antivirus software up to date.

For more information about using Box, start on the UW–Madison Box service page and watch a short demo of Box File Request. If you have additional questions about Box or another service, please contact the DoIT Help Desk for assistance.