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Office of Cybersecurity

The Office of Cybersecurity supports the CIO and the campus by leading and managing campus efforts to reduce risk. Strategies include appropriate handling of data, continued diagnostics, and good processes and procedures to manage our intellectual property and other sensitive information.

Cybersecurity teams

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Risk Management and Compliance (RMC)

Working with campus partners to secure data and reduce risk.

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HIPAA security program

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Cybersecurity Operations

Monitoring the campus network for vulnerabilities, attacks, and incident response.


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Business Systems Security

Security for infrastructure and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

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Cybersecurity Programs

IT policy, security education, training, and awareness.


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UW–Madison Web Conferencing Technology Use Policy

This policy:

  • Replaces the Provisional UW–Madison Online Collaboration Session Recording Policy. 
  • Reduces technical, legal, privacy, and reputational risk that could impact UW–Madison’s operational mission (e.g., instruction, research, outreach). 
  • Supports compliance with applicable legal, contractual, and institutional obligations in order to meet the need for safe and secure use, recording, archiving, or rebroadcasting of interactive conversations, lectures, laboratory sessions, or other web conferences.

UW–Madison Web Conferencing Technology Use Policy

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Initiatives, strategies & plans

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Regulatory Compliance

Supporting UW–Madison faculty, staff, and researchers with compliance in five regulatory categories impacting protected and sensitive data. (HIPAA, GDPR, CUI, GLBA and PCI-DSS)

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The Endpoint Management & Security Project’s overarching purpose is to identify, procure and implement a common set of efficient and effective solutions before January 1, 2020.

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Information Security Program
and Work Plan Initiative

A UW System initiative with a two-year work plan to bring all campuses in alignment around cybersecurity. UW–Madison is an enthusiastic partner in this initiative.

Departmental IT Security Baseline

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Multi-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security that requires an individual to verify their identity using something that only they possess — for example, a smartphone or token.

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