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Last updated August 31, 2023

UW–Madison is committed to ensuring our digital campus is accessible and free from barriers for all members of the university community.  In this guide learn about digital accessibility or reach out to the  Center for User Experience for more support and resources.

Why is accessibility important?

It’s the right thing to do

The web is all about providing access, information, and opportunity to as many people as possible. It is only right that the University community fosters inclusivity, and works to ensure that all can participate.

It’s our policy

The UW–Madison Digital Accessibility Policy requires compliance with federal disability nondiscrimination laws and looks to the web content accessibility guidelines 2.1 for guidance in meeting university accessibility commitments.

Introduction to accessibility

Accessible technology has been designed in a way that can be accessed by all users.

Learn how to plan, create and manage digital content that is accessible, usable and meet the needs of your audience at UW–Madison.

Multimedia accessibility

Learn how to ensure that all of your multimedia content – from video and audio clips to images, complex graphics, and data visualizations – accessible for all users, including people with disabilities.

Document and email accessibility

Learn how to increase the accessibility of your Word, PowerPoint, and PDF documents. Create more accessible e-mails, whether you send plain text or HTML-formatted emails.

Accessible course content

Accessible course content

All students, with and without disabilities, benefit from accessible course content. Planning for accessibility in your course materials is easier than you might imagine. This guide will help you to create an accessible and inclusive foundation so that students in your course are able to access course content and experience the rich learning experience you have planned for them.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Universal Design for Learning is a flexible approach to teaching and learning that works to benefit the whole diversity of learners.

Learn more about Universal Design for Learning guidelines.

Buying and using accessible technology

Procuring technology

In order to ensure accessibility, decisions about which products to procure must consider accessibility early and throughout the process.

Procure accessible technology

Accessibility evaluations

Evaluate your website, application, multimedia assets, digital documents, and software and plan to resolve accessibility barriers.

Request an evaluation

Get help with accessibility

Resources to get assistance with accessibility at UW–Madison.