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Whether you’re faculty, staff, student, researcher or a campus IT Professional, here are guides to help you get started with all things UW‑Madison technology.

Getting started with tech for researchers

UW–‍Madison ranks as one of the most prolific research universities in the world. This guide is a high level overview of the technologies provided by UW–‍Madison that may help you with your research.

Getting started: multi-factor authentication for faculty & staff

Protect your UW–Madison account with multi-factor authentication. Follow these steps to get started.

Getting started: Webex app

Follow these steps to get started with Webex Teams.

Getting started: Webex Meetings

Follow these steps to get started with Webex Meetings.

Guidelines, best practices & advice for UW–Madison IT professionals

IT professionals at UW–‍Madison developed this resource. We recognize that having a shared set of guidelines, best practices, and advice helps us to better serve our users, our units, and the institution. If you identify as an IT professional, this guide is for you.

Resource guide for new IT staff

The University of Wisconsin‑Madison is committed to supporting new employees in successfully transitioning to our workplace. Here are some resources that will help.

Tech for new students: Where do I start?

We're here to help you with technology so that you can get the most out of your time on campus. Get free technology consulting and hands-on support when something goes wrong.

Website publishing options

Not sure what you need? This guide will help you find the the right services.