Digital accessibility liaison network

UW–‍Madison approved a new Digital Accessibility Policy, effective July 1, 2023. It updates the web accessibility policy established in 2001. The new policy establishes a network of digital accessibility liaisons who will help support their local units.

What is a digital accessibility liaison?

Digital accessibility liaisons partner with the Center for User Experience (CUE) to provide consultation and implementation guidance for their units and will be the primary points of contact for digital accessibility issues regarding procurement, technical consultations, barrier reporting and policy compliance.

The intent of the liaison network is to provide a conduit for communication between distributed units, central leadership and CUE.


With manager or supervisor approval you can become the digital accessibility liaison for your team.

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Information about the role

The role is a communicator, a connector, and a supporter. The policy asks that the work of this role gets done as resources allow.

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How do I become a digital accessibility liaison?

To become a liaison, first connect with your supervisor to make sure you have their support. Next, submit the “Become a digital accessibility liaison” form. Upon completion of the form, three things will happen:

  1. You will be invited to complete a training in Canvas about the liaison role
  2. You will be added to the digital accessibility liaison directory
  3. You will be added to the Digital Accessibility Community of Practice

Please note: the form must be completed by the liaison to avoid issues with training enrollment and being added to the liaison directory.

What do digital accessibility liaisons do?

As a digital accessibility liaison, you will be part of a network of individuals from all university units. The liaison network is a structure to support and implement the phased digital accessibility policy through 2030.

Liaisons will:

  • Receive information about digital accessibility, including ongoing training
  • Share information broadly with their unit
  • Communicate with the Center for User Experience about reported digital accessibility barriers to access support
  • Collaborate with the Center for User Experience on a proactive approach to their unit’s digital accessibility
  • Have opportunities to share feedback on the support and structure of the liaison network

A number of resources have been created to assist liaisons in identifying the digital resources of their units, prioritizing accessibility using a conformance table, and requesting and monitoring accessibility evaluations for their units. Liaisons within a single unit should coordinate their work to avoid duplicative efforts and may work with liaisons in other units as time and interest permits.

What falls outside of the liaisons' scope?

Liaisons will not:

  • Determine what tools and platforms their units use and or procure, unless their job responsibilities require this
  • Act as a compliance officer or be responsible for any legal oversight of their unit
  • Test digital tools to find barriers to access
  • Create university documentation of found barriers

How will liaisons receive support?

Liaisons have access to multiple channels of support.

  • Canvas training: After you sign up as a liaison, you will be enrolled in a Canvas course that provides an overview of the policy, the policy goals and the liaison responsibilities.
  • Microsoft Teams: You will also be added to a Microsoft Teams channel for ease of communication with the Center for User Experience and other liaisons.
  • Support from CUE: We will offer ongoing support over time, including consultations, office hours, written guides and KB documentation, and more.

Have a question about the liaison network? Contact the Center for User Experience.

Information for managers and supervisors

Managers and supervisors will need to work with their liaison and their teams to evaluate needs and support for this work.

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How do I select a digital accessibility liaison for my unit?

Consider who would make a good liaison, or team of liaisons, for your unit.

Some qualities of an effective liaison may include:

  • Highly organized and task oriented
  • Comfortable communicating with others
  • Passion for creating an inclusive and accessible university
  • Knowledge about systems and tools currently being used by your team

Discuss the responsibilities with the individual(s) you have identified and ask them to complete the registration form if they agree to volunteer. They will then be added to a directory and obtain access to a training in Canvas. To avoid issues with them being added to the directory and enrolled in the training, please do not complete the form on their behalf.

Can I nominate someone to serve as a liaison for my unit?

Before nominating someone to serve in this role from your department, first connect with that staff member to make sure they are supportive of the nomination. Next, you or the liaison will submit the “Become a digital accessibility liaison” form. When the form is completed, the liaison will be added to a directory and obtain access to a Canvas training. To avoid issues with them being added to the directory and enrolled in the training, please do not complete the form on their behalf.

What is the scope of commitment for the liaison?

It depends! Per the implementation plan, you may structure the designation of the digital accessibility liaison as your unit sees fit. The responsibilities of the liaison can be flexed depending on your unit’s resources. A single unit may even designate multiple liaisons as appropriate to its own operations.

The time commitment required for your liaison(s) will be determined by the number of tools, media and assets in your scope of work, and will further depend on the time and resources your unit can commit to spending on creating, remediating and testing new digital content.

Does the role have any legal oversight?

No, the role of digital accessibility liaison does not assume legal oversight for their unit or for the university. The digital accessibility liaison will not be responsible for anything that is not already included in the liaison role and/or their current position description.

Digital accessibility liaison directory

Digital accessibility liaisons serve the university by connecting their units with the Center for User Experience and other groups that support accessibility and inclusion at UW–‍Madison. The liaison directory lists the relevant unit information and contact information for who is serving in that role. Please contact your liaison to get help and resources if you have a need relating to:

  • Found or reported barriers
  • Digital accessibility related topics or questions
  • Accessible technology/resources
  • Accessibility evaluation prior to procurement of digital tools

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