University of Wisconsin–Madison

Enterprise & Information Security Services

Two DoIT departments provide services that support the enterprise business systems and cybersecurity operations of the Division.

Enterprise Business Systems

Enterprise Business Systems helps administrative units provide enterprise resource planning services to UW–‍Madison and UW System constituents.

Adam Paulick

Position title: Director of Enterprise Business Systems


Adam leads the Enterprise Business Systems department as it serves the needs of both UW–Madison and UW System in the development of policy, direction, strategic plans, and other short and long-term initiatives. Adam joined DoIT from the University of Alaska Anchorage, where he served as the Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice Chancellor. Continue Reading Enterprise & Information Security Services

The Office of Cybersecurity

The Office of Cybersecurity supports the CIO and the campus by leading and managing campus efforts to reduce risk. Strategies include appropriate handling of data, continued diagnostics and good processes and procedures to manage our intellectual property and other sensitive information.

Bob Turner

Position title: Chief Information Security Officer


Bob leads the development and delivery of the university's comprehensive information security and privacy program. Prior to joining UW–⁠Madison, Bob was Senior Associate with Booz Allen Hamilton, where he focused on cybersecurity policy and compliance with assessment and approval of information systems. Before Booz Allen Hamilton, Bob had a 23-year Navy career in telecommunications and information systems management. Continue Reading Enterprise & Information Security Services