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Endpoint Management & Security Project

UW‑Madison has multiple endpoint security solutions under contract via central IT and in the divisional IT organizations. The three primary solutions — Symantec Endpoint Protection, Cisco Advanced Malware Protection, and Palo Alto TRAPS™ — all have licenses expiring Summer 2019.

Additionally, as demonstrated during the Summer 2017 High Velocity Compromise Assessment conducted by a third party, a very small number of existing endpoints are managed using state-of-the-art management tools like System Center Configuration Manager and IBM BigFix.

Given that context, the Divisional Technology Advisory Group (DTAG) launched the Endpoint Management & Security Project. The project’s overarching purpose is to identify, procure and implement a common set of efficient and effective solutions before January 1, 2020.

Project team

  • Bob Turner, Chief Information Security Officer
  • Bobby Burrow, Director, AIMS
  • Tamara Walker, Interim Director, DoIT User Services
  • Bob Turner, Chief Information Security Officer
  • Tamara Walker, Interim Director, DoIT User Services
  • Bobby Burrow, Director, AIMS
  • Nick Tincher, Chief Information Officer & Director of IT, Office of the VCRGE
  • Anne Gunther, Associate Dean for Budget-Finance, Budget Planning & Analysis, College of Letters & Science
  • Jeff Savoy, Cybersecurity Operations Assistant Director, Cybersecurity (1st delegate for Bob Turner)
  • Allen Monette, Cybersecurity Monitoring & Incident Response team (2nd delegate for Bob Turner)
  • Stefan Wahe, CISO Deputy Director, Cybersecurity (3rd delegate for Bob Turner)
  • Chris Poser, Technologist, Endpoint Management, DoIT 
  • Kevin Cherek, Manager, Operations and Support Services, AIMS (delegate for Bobby Burrow)
  • Sue Weier, L&S Learning Support Services, College of Letters & Science 
  • James Leaver, Senior Technical Services Specialist, VCRGE (delegate for Nick Tincher)
  • Dan Simanek, Systems Administrator & Consultant, VCRGE (delegate for Nick Tincher)

Tamra Dagnon, Senior Business Analyst, Office of Project Management

Project Timeline

High-Level Milestones

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Tool inventory & requirements elicitation

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Vendor research, peer benchmarking, RFI process

Icon of a stack of dollar bills

FY19 funding, FY20 budget, RFP

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Tool procurement, service design, campus implementation

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Previous licenses expire

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s an endpoint?

    An endpoint device is an internet-capable computer hardware device on a TCP/IP network. The term can refer to desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, thin clients, printers or other specialized hardware such POS terminals and smart meters.  A server is also considered an endpoint from a security perspective.

    Specifically, consider the following devices as endpoints though we’re not managing many of them to the same degree as desktop computers and laptops:

    • Printers that are network addressable.  For example, a stand-alone printer connected to a switch is an endpoint whereas a local printer connected to a PC or Mac device that is only addressable by that device is not.
    • Copiers that are network addressable.
    • “Corporate” mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks), meaning those purchased with UW funds for conducting UW business.
    • Network-connected lab devices or similar.
    • Network-connected freezers.
    • Network-connected AV equipment.
    • Network-connected IP cameras.
  • What are endpoint management and security tools?

    Some of the endpoint management and security software (tools) in use on campus include Symantec Endpoint Protection, Cisco Advanced Malware Protection, Palo Alto TRAPS™, System Center Configuration Manager and IBM BigFix, which support virus protection and operating system and software updates and patches.

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