Last updated on March 13, 2024

UW–‍Madison provides free online file storage and collaboration service using Box cloud file storage. Box provides you with a place to store and access files that are needed for active collaboration and integrated within process workflows. All new individual Box accounts and project directories are provisioned with a 50GB storage quota. UW–‍Madison Box should not be used for long term storage or a back-up repository.

Please note: If your Box account is approaching its quota, you may request a storage consultation and quota increase.  Before submitting a quota increase request, we suggest that you manage your storage with some account clean-up and review the quota increase approval criteria.

Working with Protected Health Information (PHI)? Only SecureBox folders configured with the involvement of the HIPAA security officer (or designee) may be used when working with PHI. If you are a part of the UW–‍Madison health care component, contact your HIPAA privacy or security coordinator with questions about the applications best suited for creating, storing and sharing PHI.


  • Easy to access, organize and manage your content online
  • Access your files via the web from a wide range of devices
  • Collaborate with other users on and off campus
  • Ensure your files are stored and transferred securely
  • Keep track of up to 100 versions of your documents automatically
  • Organize and share files easily and securely
  • Access Box files on your desktop
  • Mobile access on iOS & Android
  • Turn any folder into an online workspace, then share with colleagues or clients
  • Manage the users you share your content with through administrative controls
  • Integrate with many third party applications

Getting started

Sign up for an account using your Net ID on Box.

Terms of use

Available to

  • Emeritus faculty
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students

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