University of Wisconsin–Madison


UW–Madison provides free online file storage and collaboration service using Box cloud file storage. Box provides you with a place to store, access and collaborate on your files. Please note: The Box service is available only to UW–Madison faculty, staff and students.

Important note about working with Protected Health Information (PHI): Only SecureBox folders configured with the involvement of the HIPAA Security Officer (or designee) may be used when working with PHI. If you are a part of the UW–Madison Health Care Component, contact your HIPAA Privacy or Security Coordinator with questions about the applications best suited for creating, storing and sharing PHI.


  • Easy to access, organize and manage your content in a single online location
  • Access your files via the web from a wide range of devices
  • Collaborate with other users on and off campus
  • Ensure your files are stored and transferred securely
  • Keep track of multiple versions of your documents automatically
  • Organize and share files easily and securely
  • Access Box files on your desktop
  • Mobile access on iOS & Android
  • Turn any folder into an online workspace, then share with colleagues or clients
  • Manage the users you share your content with through Administrative controls
  • Integrate with many 3rd party applications

Getting started

Sign up for an account using your Net ID on Box.

Terms of use

Available to

  • Emeritus faculty
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students

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