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Administrative Systems & Strong Foundations

Selected projects

AIMS Transition

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In spring 2021, Administrative Information Management Services (AIMS) joined the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) as a unit reporting to deputy CIO Dave Pagenkopf. As we approach one year as a combined organization, it is time to meld our organizations to take advantage of the expertise and experience that each group brings to the table.

DoIT Rate Setting

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The DoIT Rate Setting Project establishes division rate setting principles, methodology, and processes that are campus sanctioned and compliant with federal regulations. This project helps to protect campus federal investments by ensuring that the method is Uniform Guidance compliant. This is a process to determine new rates with a transparent and consistently established methodology.


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Establish a modern program for information systems to work together across technical and business domains, to employ common principles, and to expose standardized interfaces to enable delivery of IT services across the enterprise, lower integration cost, increase agility and choice in IT service providers, and more effectively provide access to services and cybersecurity compliance.

NextGen2 Network

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Designed to ensure the wired, wireless, and cloud-enterprise network on UW-Madison’s campus is responsive to our instructional, research, business and operational needs now and in the future.

OneBadger CRM (Salesforce)

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The One Badger CRM initiative will create a way for learners, staff, faculty and external community partners to interact with each other using accurate, reliable and timely information. This shared constituent relationship management (CRM) platform will enable us to personalize and streamline our communications with all constituents and provide a 360 degree circle of support for learners.

Wireless Network Upgrade

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Deploying 12,000-15,000 wireless access points across campus to improve wireless communication and offer the most current hardware to process this wireless traffic.

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Information Security & Risk Management

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Learner Success & Digital Ecosystems

Selected projects


Clinical Placements—Salesforce

Design and implement the clinical placement Salesforce CRM capability using the School of Education’s clinical placement experience use case as an early adopter.

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Regulatory & Compliance

Selected projects

HIPAA Security Program

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HIPAA Risk Analysis for the 105+ units/groups/departments that use electronic protected health information (ePHI) for the purposes of research, clinical operations, and teaching and learning; analyzing research requests (Joint Security and Privacy Request / JSPR) for projects that acquire or create using human subject data such as ePHI; review and processing of ePHI Box Folder Requests for collaborative research efforts; creating, modifying, and maintaining HIPAA Security policies, procedures, guidebooks, and template; leading and consulting on securing engineering solutions to support the HIPAA Security Program.

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Research Cyberinfrastructure

Selected projects

Globus Data Transfer Project

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Develop Globus endpoints on the UW-Madison network that can function as high-speed data transfer nodes between departmental endpoints and campus storage systems like ResearchDrive; or 3rd party storage systems like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform; or 3rd party collaborators at other universities and institutions to support secure data sharing, big data transfers, and data lifecycle automation.

Research Data Storage

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Expand and update UW–‍Madison’s research cyberinfrastructure resources, in collaboration with the Research Technology Advisory Group (RTAG), the Libraries and other groups on campus.

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