University of Wisconsin–Madison

Primary Tech Partners

The concept of Primary Tech Partners (PTPs) is that there be one (primary) designated technology person in each department who acts as a liaison with DoIT. The typical PTP is an ISP or System Administrator-level staff person, not necessarily an administrator or manager. Those who apply to become a PTP will need to have their department manager or director confirm them as the department’s primary contact. An automated confirmation procedure is included as part of the registration process.

Primary Tech Partner Distinctives

  • Will be among the first to be notified via phone and/or email by the DoIT Broadcast Message System in the event of an IT emergency (e.g., campus network, email or other broad-based emergency)
  • Have access to second level technical support through Help Online
  • Exchange emails regarding policy-level issues
  • Can also join the regular Tech Partners listserve.


Sponsored Presentations

See the DoIT events calendar for Tech Partners presentations.

Unsubscribing to Primary Tech Partners

To unsubscribe from the listserve, simply send a blank email to