University of Wisconsin–Madison

UW-Madison Information Security Team (MIST)

The UW-Madison Information Security Team (MIST) is collaborative group of campus IT staff, management, and others with a common interest in promoting information security at UW Madison. Members provide communication, guidance and leadership for campus-wide security issues and initiatives and serve an advisory group to the UW-Madison Chief Information Security Officer.

MIST Collaborative Guidelines

  • Support the IT Security Principles of:
    • Security is a shared responsibility
    • Security is part of the development life cycle
    • Security is asset management
    • Security is a common understanding
  • Actively participate in reviewing and discussing IT Security Strategy, IT Policies and IT security tools and processes.
  • Communicate broadly and deeply within your campus organization as well as with the CISO and UW-Madison IT Security Team.
  • Consider and balance broad cross-campus perspectives and local perspectives.
  • Be respectful and inquisitive of differing options.
  • Be supportive internally and externally of decisions established by this group.

Meeting structure

MIST meets the first Thursday of each month.

2015 Meeting Agendas:


Sponsors: The sponsors consist of the CIO, the Chairperson of MTAG and the UW-Madison CISO. They are responsible for reviewing and responding to advisory topics provided to MIST and identifying priorities for this group.

Chairpersons: UW-MIST will be co-chaired by a member of the UW-Madison IT community and by the UW-Madison Associate CISO or member of the IT-Security Team. The campus community chairperson will be elected by the voting membership and will serve a two-year term. Voting will be based on community nominations. The chairpersons are responsible for setting the agenda, recoding and communicating decisions and reporting back to the sponsors.

Appointed Members: Appointed by departmental Dean or Directors, these members provided decision-making authority through voting on advisory direction provided to the CISO. They are also the official contact point for their division or department.  These members may temporarily delegate their responsibility.

Community Members: Additional departmental members or others interested technologists or managers interested in providing insight on how proposed IT Security Strategies, IT Policies or IT Security Tools and processes may impact campus or their operations. These members may be self-identified, identified by appointed members, sponsorship, the chairpersons or the CISO. These members do not have voting rights.

UW-Madison IT Security Members: Members of the UW-Madison IT Security Team may attend meetings for the purpose of sharing information, listening to topics that may impact their responsibilities and to network with other membership. These members do not have voting rights.

Overall Goals & Expectations

  • Provide IT security leadership for campus
  • Help establish campus IT security priorities
  • Be engaged in team activities
  • Help set meeting agendas and share issues, challenges and solutions
  • Communicate broadly and deeply within your campus organization
  • Actively represent your organization (and campus)
  • Attend UW-MIST meetings

Overall Responsibilities

  • Assisting in the technical coordination of IT security activities across the campus
  • Working across other university groups such as NAG, MTAG, IMLG, etc.
  • Being actively involved in creating new policies and standards as well as developing new security tools and techniques
  • Assisting with coordinating university-wide communication and training initiatives in basic security practices


Schools and Colleges Representative or Member Sponsor
Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education Daniel Simanek Nicholas Tincher
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Jason Pursian Paul Jelle
School of Business Dan Roehre Melissa Amos-Landgraf
Division of Continuing Studies None Laura Ingram
School of Education Bob Glover Jo Ann Carr
College of Engineering Dave DeCoster Adam Whitehorse
School of Human Ecology John Hilgers Linda Dicks
International Studies and Programs Derek Tessmann Gilles Bousquet
Law School Eric Giefer Bethany Pluymers
School of Medicine and Public Health Rick Konopacki Ken Mount
College of Letters and Science Eric Straavaldsen Anne Gunther
School of Nursing Suzanne Harris Katharyn May
School of Pharmacy John Demuth Tim Gossens
School of Veterinary Medicine Barb Ripp Jo Beth Dudley


Administrative and Campus Services Representative or Member Sponsor
Division of Enrollment Management Phil Saunders Joanne Berg
General Library System   Ed VanGemert
Division of Information and Technology Stefan Wahe John Krogman
Athletics Bob Lahey John Jentz
Dean of Students Argyle Wade Lori Berquam
University Communications   Amy Toburen
Vice Chancellor for Administration Kevin Cherek Bobby Burrow
Budget Planning and Analysis Kevin Cherek Bobby Burrow
University Police Department Mandi Meier Sue Riseling
Human Resources Matt Martinelli Carla Raatz
Business Services Steve Carrola Don Miner
University Health Services Arnie Jennerman Sarah Van Orman
Facilities, Planning and Management Kevin Cherek Bobby Burrow
University Housing Sathish Gopalrao Paul Evans
Wisconsin Union Judi Benade Mark Guthier
Recreational Sports Mike Warren Dale Carruthers


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