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Enterprise Systems Security

The CISO’s Perspective / Special Edition

Every once in a while I like to point out one of the teams in the Office of Cybersecurity and present something newsworthy. Today I want to highlight the accomplishments of the Enterprise Systems Security domain led by Christine Peterson.

Over the last year the Human Resources System underwent a major overhaul as this UW System common service was updated to a new version of Oracle’s PeopleSoft. Called the HRS 9.2 Upgrade, the project involved a massive amount of time and many players. Leading the charge for Enterprise Systems Security was Steve Connor. Steve was the one pulling the security issues across multiple finish lines as the project evolved utilizing the opportunity to tap the creative and innovative brains of the entire team. In Steve’s words, “We thrive on diversity, and can cover one and other’s weaknesses all while having a broad range of strengths and skills.”

Noel Anderson, Ryan Leavitt and Chris Spencer joined the project, going on-site with the HR Service Center staff to make sure the right actions were taking place. The team processed significant amounts of database and access control changes leading up to the “Go Live” weekend where they all worked virtually round the clock to ensure a smooth transition The team worked to meet over 25 different milestones as the previous year’s work was placed into the hands of the HRS Users. This was in addition to their HRS production support, projects, and other support responsibilities – all while trying to maintain work/life balance.

The DoIT HRS Service Team Lead, Bob Mayville, acknowledged the great challenge the team met, and echoed the HR Service Center’s leadership praise for how well the entire team worked to make this a precedent setting evolution.

In the final analysis, the Enterprise Systems Security team worked hard to, as our guiding principles state, prioritize “the diverse needs of stakeholders” and implement innovative cybersecurity strategies.”

I am truly proud of their accomplishments!

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