University of Wisconsin–Madison
Cybersecurity Awareness 2018

Make your digital life more secure; attend these campus events in October

Cybersecurity is more than authorities responding to hackers. Keeping your digital life safe requires constant vigilance, and each year it becomes more challenging and complex. But there are resources and information that can provide the skills and tools to better protect ourselves and the campus. Attend these free campus events during Cybersecurity Awareness Month and learn how you can make your digital life more secure.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) panel discussion
October 18, Noon — 1:30 PM
Computer Sciences Building, Room 3139 ABC

Learn how this additional step in the UW–Madison NetID authentication process can help protect you, your intellectual property, and the campus’ digital assets. The panel will discuss how the process protects you, the campus rollout plan, and what to expect during implementation. Panelists are:  

  • Steve Van Der Weide, Wisconsin School of Business
  • Lisa Bender, Identity and Access Management, DoIT
  • Stefan Wahe, Office of Cybersecurity
  • Angie Rieves, Office of the Registrar
  • Mary Evansen, DoIT (facilitator)

Compliance Processes panel discussion
October 24, Noon — 1:30 PM
Union South, Room (Check the TITU or Today in the Union monitors)

A panel of experts will discuss how we manage campus security risk using procedures and processes aligned with federal data protection requirements. Panelists are:

  • Jan Cheetham, Office of the CIO — CUI
  • Nancy Lynch, Office of Legal Affairs — GDPR
  • Stefan Wahe, Office of Cybersecurity — HIPAA
  • Jeff Endres, Office of Cybersecurity — PCI-DSS
  • Bob Turner, Office of Cybersecurity — GLBA
  • Ed Jalinske, Office of Cybersecurity (facilitator)

Panelists will discuss their respective compliance categories; what they are, why they matter on campus, and who they may affect. Please contact Mickey Nash in the Office of Cybersecurity with questions on the panel events.