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Active Directory Services

Active Directory Services (ADS) enable participating departments to take advantage of centralized NetID-based authentication, while allowing for delegated administration of local resources. This allows departmental IT administrators to assign group policies, manage security groups, and deploy software while taking advantage of the convenience of NetID authentication.

ActiveRoles Server (ARS) is an add-on component that enables automation of Active Directory object creation workflow, rights provisioning, and adds additional reporting features for administrators.


  • Active Directory Services can facilitate authentication to local resources (such as a workstation) with NetID.
  • Departments can utilize Active Directory Services without investing in new hardware or software.
  • The ActiveRoles Server (ARS) plugin allows administrators to manage Active Directory through a secure web interface.
  • Administrators can utilize the test and development environments to test changes before applying them in production.

Getting started

To request access to be able to view NetIDs, you will need to have an Organizational Unit Admin Account. If you don’t already have one, please request one here: For additional support for this service, please contact  

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