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Campus wireless network status

NOTE: Always check the UW–Madison Outages page at for the most up-to-date information.

Update: Thursday, September 21

At this time, the campus wireless network remains stable. If you have problems connecting to Wi-Fi, please contact the DoIT Help Desk. Please also continue to monitor the UW–Madison Outages page for the most current information.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work to resolve these issues.

Can’t connect to campus Wi-Fi?

If you encounter problems with Wi-Fi, here are some options:


InfoLabs across campus and Media Centers available to Housing residents continue to be an option. You may find the nearest location on the InfoLabs website.

  • College Library InfoLab is open 24 hours Monday through Thursday; until 11pm on Friday; and from 11am to 11pm on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Housing InfoLabs (open to Housing residents only) are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Consider downloading classroom presentation materials prior to classroom instruction.
  • Your local IT team may be able to help with classroom technology needs. We recognize that the Wi-Fi disruptions may make it difficult for instructors and students to access digital learning tools (such as Top Hat or Canvas) for in-class activities.
  • Please contact local IT staff to see if wired connectivity is an option and to request a wired adapter if needed.
  • Please consider being flexible with students who may not have had the opportunity to access the network in order to complete school assignments.


  • Work with your local IT department to help provide wired connections for your computer, if possible.
  • Conference rooms throughout campus equipped with Cisco room kits provide wired connections to the network for hybrid meetings. The room kits support applications including Webex, Teams, Zoom and Google Meet. The core functionality of these devices is not impacted by the wireless outage. However, you will need to use the HDMI cable connection to share your screen because the room kits’ wireless screen sharing is impacted by the outage. A list of these equipped conference room locations can be found in this KnowledgeBase article (refer to the Hybrid Conferencing Rooms section).

—DoIT Network Services