Financial Services

DoIT Financial Services provides financial accounting, reporting, and analysis for DoIT operations. We manage the customer billing and reconciliation for campus customers who use vital DoIT services such as data storage, web hosting, application development, and user experience design. Financial Services also supports internal DoIT staff with procurement, travel, and expense reimbursement.

Director of Financial Services / CFO: Sarah Hart McGuinnis

What we do

DoIT Accounting

DoIT Accounting is responsible for the financial accounting and reporting for DoIT:

  • Executes the annual budget and central funding process on behalf of DoIT and the CIO Office.
  • Generates financial accounting reports for DoIT departments, the CIO Office, and campus administration.
  • Provides financial monitoring and forecasting for the division.
  • Tracks DoIT capital assets and provides depreciation calculations.
  • DoIT Accounts Payable manages vendor invoices and payment.
  • DoIT Projects manages the DoIT CBS Projects module, creating new projects for time entry in STAR.
  • DoIT Billing invoices campus customers and records payments for DoIT Groups in support of their operations. View Billing contacts for specific contact information.

Accounting Services Manager: Rachel Cannistraro

DoIT Purchasing

DoIT Purchasing sources hardware, software, and services for DoIT infrastructure and operations, as well as inventory for the DoIT Techstore.

Internal services include:

  • Developing requests for proposals and bids.
  • Negotiating vendor contracts and agreements.
  • Advising staff on State and University procurement and travel regulations and policies.
  • Arranging staff travel and facilitating expense reimbursement.
  • Procurement card site management and audit.

Purchasing Manager: Colleen Reilly