University of Wisconsin–Madison

DoIT vision, mission & guiding principles


Moving the university forward through technology solutions designed together.


We are a collaborative information and technology community working to enable innovation, support scholarship, and equip the university with high-quality, sustainable technologies and services.

Guiding principles


Achieving service excellence is paramount to fulfilling our role as a trusted partner and enabling others to accomplish their critical missions. We value our partnerships and recognize the complex and unique work of the institution and its information technology needs. In support of the Wisconsin Idea, we contribute locally, nationally, and globally to our profession and communities. Our goal is to foster collaboration and to be sought out for our ability to innovate and craft solutions as partners, experts and contributors. 


We plan, are proactive in our work, solve for whole problems, and make iterative improvements to solutions and services we provide. Tools and technology are carefully selected to best meet the needs of the institution. Success is defined up front and results are measured against defined goals. Transparency is valued in our work and outcomes are shared with stakeholders. 


We strive to create an environment in which we can do our best work. Work should be challenging and rewarding while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. We provide professional development opportunities to enhance our skills and help us achieve goals. We recognize that each individual brings a unique perspective to the organization. We value inclusion, diversity, respect, and care for the reputation of our colleagues.