InfoLab locations


To learn more about the InfoLabs program , please visit the InfoLabs service page.

Note: not all InfoLab locations have both equipment checkout and a physical computer lab options.  The table below indicates which services each InfoLabs location provides.

Location Address Equipment Checkout Available InfoLab Computer Lab
Business Library 975 University Ave Yes (laptops only) No
CALS (Animal Science Building) 1675 Observatory Dr Yes (laptops only) Yes
College Library 600 N. Park St Yes Yes
HSLC Ebling Library 750 Highland Ave Yes  Yes
LSS (Van Hise Hall) 1220 Linden Dr No Yes
Memorial Library 728 State St Yes Yes
MERIT Library 225 N Mills St. Yes No
Social Work Library 1350 University Ave Yes (laptops only) No
Steenbock Library 550 Babcock Dr Yes  Yes
Student Activity Center
333 East Campus Mall
No Yes
Union South 1308 W Dayton St No Yes
Mini TLC at Tripp GateHouse 1515 Tripp Circle No Yes 
TLC at Chadbourne Hall 420 N Park St No Yes
TLC at DeJope Hall 640 Elm Dr No Yes 
TLC at Kronshage Hall 1650 Kronshage Dr No Yes 
TLC at Liz Hall 1200 Observatory Dr No Yes
TLC at Ogg Hall 835 W. Dayton St No Yes 
TLC at Phillips Hall 1950 Willow Dr No Yes 
TLC at Sellery Hall 821 W. Johnson St No No
TLC at Smith Hall 35 N Park St No Yes 
TLC at Witte Hall 615 W. Johnson St No Yes 
Mini TLC at Barnhard Hall 970 University Ave No Yes 
Mini TLC at Merit House 919 W Dayton St No Yes 
Mini TLC at Susan Davis Hall 917 W Johnson No Yes 
TLC at Jorns Hall 650 Babcock Drive No Yes 

Infolab Locations