Teaching & Research Application Development (TRAD)

The Teaching & Research Application Development (TRAD) service partners with instructors, researchers and other members of the university community to design and implement innovative custom software solutions. We specialize in supporting teaching, learning and research ideas.

Our team provides the technical expertise to

  • Build solutions for research data collection, aggregation and sharing
  • Design and develop proof of concept prototypes and fully developed applications in support of teaching and research innovations
  • Design and develop custom websites, web and mobile applications
  • Develop educational outreach and information sharing solutions
  • Identify technical recommendations, assess feasibility, and develop estimates for grant proposals
  • Create pedagogically sound games, simulations and data visualizations
  • Work with evaluators to identify and collect complex learning analytics
  • Integrate new tools into or adapt current tools within the campus’ digital ecosystem

Contact us via email to discuss services, timelines and estimates.

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There are a wide range of tools available and our learning technology consultants are happy to help you choose the best tool to fit your needs. Request a consultation by sending us an email.

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