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DoIT Payment Options

5 minutes to read | Last updated May 15, 2017

There are several payment options when making purchases from DoIT. This guide will walk you through those options.

For departmental purchases, DoIT strongly recommends setting up a DoIT Number. For personal purchases, personal credit cards, cash and personal checks are accepted.

Departmental purchases

DoIT Numbers

DoIT Numbers allow UW-Madison departmental customers to easily purchase from DoIT through an account-specific set of funding numbers. Most DoIT services and products, including items from the DoIT Tech Store, can be purchased with DoIT Numbers allowing for quick and easy transactions.

Funding Strings

Are an account-specific set of numbers including business unit, DDS, fund, grant/project, program code and account code.  These funding strings can be used to create a DoIT Number for UW Madison Departments.  If a DoIT Number is not an option, contact for assistance.

Purchase Order

Are generated by non UW-Madison departments, State Agencies or other entities for purchases from DoIT.  Purchase orders should include customer/billing information, phone number and information about the service or item(s) to be purchased. Purchase orders should be sent to:  DoIT Billing, 1210 W Dayton St, Madison WI 53706

Purchasing Cards (ProCards)

In an effort to join campus in reducing credit card processing fees for the university, we strongly encourage customers to use the DoIT Number option for payment.


Personal purchases

Cash and Personal checks

You may also use cash or personal checks at the DoIT Tech Store for personal purchases. (A $20 fee is accessed on all bank returned checks).

Credit Cards

The DoIT Tech Store accepts personal credit cards for personal purchases.

WISCARD (Campus Cash)

A UW Madison campus service provided by Union South. Tech Store purchases made with a Wiscard receive a 1% discount.

Payroll Deduction

Some faculty and staff are eligible to purchase from the DoIT Tech Store with Payroll Deduction.

Get help

Contact DoIT Billing for help with purchasing or billing problems.

Report a security incident to the Security Team.

Contact the DoIT Help Desk with general questions:

Live Chat