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We’re a group interested in gaining more user experience design skills when it comes to creating our own campus digital experiences. Our intention is to teach each other skills, giving people who do the work of designing the confidence to create better experiences. We also want to look at how our individual designs make up the larger campus digital experience.

The core of making a better experience is to understand the needs of our users and provide them with experiences that are usable, valuable, accessible, intuitive, engaging, and consistent.

Recent events

October 2021

How to know the right way to label your content
(card sorting)

Slides (ppt)

Recorded: October 27, 2021

September 2021

Three usability design techniques for your website
(that you can implement today)

Slides (ppt)

Recorded: September 22, 2021

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Upcoming events

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Design resources

Make it accessible

Incorporate accessibility into your content, design, and development and support all people, including people with disabilities.

Content design

Best practices to plan, create, and manage digital content that is accessible, usable, and meet the needs of your audience.

UW-Madison brand

The visual and tonal identity of UW–Madison starts here, with our brand rationale, positioning statement, and pillars.

Design Services

Design Strategy

Understand your users and their needs, or how to make things simple and intuitive.


Digital Accessibility Evaluation

Discover if a website, application, product, or tool can be used by everyone.

Design Research

Learn about what your users need, or what they might say about your product or tools.

Design Community Co-Chairs

Laura Grady

Position title: User Experience Architect, Center for User Experience


Adam Hills-Meyer

Position title: Content Strategist, Center for User Experience


Together we can realize meaningful results when it comes to our shared goals of increased engagement and efficiency, student satisfaction, employee productivity, and making our digital campus easier to use.