Design Community: community commitment

  • Share the air – We agree to share our perspective, ideas, and narratives while allowing space for others to share their perspective, ideas, and narratives.
  • Believe people’s narratives – We agree to believe each other’s perspective, ideas, and narratives.
  • Confidentiality & permission – We agree to not share each other’s stories or narratives without permission.
  • Fully present and patient – We agree to listen to each other without distraction.
  • Default to inquiry over judgement – We agree to be curious and ask questions before making judgements.
  • Reflection Intent/ impact – We agree to reflect on how our intent and impact may differ or align.
  • Repair work and self-compassion – When our intent and impact do not align, we agree to:
    • Acknowledge harm, make a commitment to improve, and ask what is needed to move forward.
    • Be compassionate with ourselves while understanding we are all lifelong learners.