Leadership Improv

Leadership Improv provides a safe space to practice leadership concepts based on fun, improvisational comedy routines.

History, vision, approach

Leadership Improv began in 2011, when the group’s founder developed a curriculum unit for MOR’s IT Leaders Program, some of which is still in use today. We embrace and teach about  the connection between the concepts of leadership and those of improv comedy.

Our vision is to make everyone aware of the shared core competencies between leadership and improvisational comedy, and how practicing improv skills can help you improve one’s leadership competency.

Our approach enables participants to become comfortable in their leadership, communications, and challenging situations. We do this by borrowing several concepts from improvisational comedy to teach concepts of leadership in a fun way:

  • “Yes, and…”
  • Stagecraft
  • Presence

We are continuing to virtually meet until it is safer to meet in person. For more information, join our mailing list.

Events & Current Activities

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Join us on the last Friday of every month. Take your lunch hour to learn and practice improvisational skills through active participation in exercises and skits. Develop skills to help tackle difficult leadership situations experienced in a technology professional’s daily work. This program is intended to build on the curriculum and concepts shared at the Information Technology Leadership Program (ITLP) and promotes improvisational skills as a recommended leadership competency. No advance registration required. Bring your bag lunch. See all upcoming dates here.

We also regularly engage with departments on campus to hold private, focused sessions for their faculty, staff, and students.

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Jason Erdmann
IT Project Manager, School of Education – MERIT

Amanda Thornton
Software Engineer/Developer IV, Space Science & Engineering Center



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